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Our Kansas! (A Sufjan Stevens Album for Arkansas)

1) Where the hell is Des Ark?
2) Bentonville, Let Us All Give Thanks to the Waltons / Ballad of the 5 & Dime
3) Jerry Jones Day (Does he Even Live Here?)
4) Buffalo River, Something to Brag About
5) Springdale (The Chicken’s Song)
6) The Town You Only Hear About Because of Tornadoes
7) Hymn For Little Rock/ Look, We Have a City!
8) For the Hipsters in Fayetteville - You’ll Never Be Austin
9) No Man’s Land
10) Fort Smith (It's Just the Acoustic Version of Little Rock)
11) Johnny Cash, The Folk Hero We’re Not Embarrassed to Claim (Looking at You, Bill)
12) Three Cheers for Eureka Springs/ How is This Still A Thing?
13) Let’s Hear it For the Diamond State! (Good Luck Finding Any, Asshole.)
14) Home Sweet Lowell
15) I49, Morning Time - We’re Going to Die Here. 
16) Hot Springs - Al Capone Liked to Stay Here!
17) Harrison/ We Don’t Like to Talk About That one. 
18) I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings - We Produced a Famous Poet!
19) Song for The Duggars/ We’re All One Family!
20) Say No to Elkins!
21) Texarkana/Technically Arkansas
22) Crystal Bridges - An Experiment in Rebranding
23) The Lord's Day, Washington Country/ For the Love Of God Why Can't I Buy Booze on Sunday? 
24) Out of Mena and Into Literally Anywhere Else
25) Come on Taste the Arkansauce! ( We Invented Cheese-dip!)

Tracklist: When The Decemberists Write an Album About My Life

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The Cyclist’s Revenge Song

Here I Dreamt I Was on Top Chef

Make You a Burrito

Red Right Ankle (I Should Probably Get That Checked Out)

This Is Why We Fight /First In Line at Chipotle

Thinking About Dropping Out to Become a Chimney Sweep, or Something

The King is Dead, Long Live Beyonce

She’s  a Lady of the Night/ Catching up on Netflix

From My Own True Love, Lost in  the Whole Foods

Can I Put “Gypsy” on my Resume?

Sure, I’m a Vegan, but,  I’d be Lying If I Said I’d Never Thought About Murder

An English Major’s Lament/ Ode to Unpaid Internships Part 1 & 3

I’ll Always Love You /Hymn For Oreos